About Stöckelmaier

A family-owned company with a long tradition

“Souvenirs, Souvenirs ...”—no matter how much Bill Ramsey’s old hit ages, his message is as relevant today as ever: souvenirs and little vacation keepsakes never lose their appeal. Horst Stöckelmaier has been producing and finishing souvenirs from A to Z for 40 years: mementos, stickers, hand bells, cow bells, hiking medallions, T-shirts, hiking hats and more.

As a family-owned company, Stöckelmaier has amassed generations of knowledge and expertise. It’s no surprise that the company is one of the major players in the industry. Reliability, punctuality and quality are always at the heart of our work. And field sales representatives in Germany, Austria, northern Italy and France support our longtime partners in Europe in order to uphold those standards in customer care as well.

Allow yourself plenty of time if you plan to meet with Horst-Peter Stöckelmaier for a stroll through his production facilities and warehouses in Hegge, Germany. There’s a lot to see here in the world of vacation mementos that you can pack up and take home with you. Cowbells ranging from a few centimeters in diameter to the size of soccer balls hang on the wall, plush winter hats spread their cheer from the shelves, and hiking sticks adorned with an array of medallions lie stacked on the shipping tables.

With views of Neuschwanstein, Munich, Heidelberg, Frankfurt or the mountain peaks of Tyrol, these kinds of souvenirs are prized by former US soldiers as mementos of their time in Germany. But while that makes the US a loyal consumer of Stöckelmaier quality, the company also sends its goods beyond Europe and the US to customers spread all over the world.

“If you always treat your customer with respect and honesty, you’ll have them for a lifetime.” That was the motto of our senior director, and is now the lived philosophy of Stöckelmaier. Worldwide.

Company history

1976 Company founded by Horst Stöckelmaier

1982 Company building constructed in Waltenhofen-Hegge, Germany

1986 Production facilities expanded

1990 Office space expanded

1992 Warehouse/garages added

2005 Second generation: Stöckelmaier’s son Horst-Peter assumes leadership of the company.

2007 Production equipment modernized

2010 Structural reorganization and a new, modern trade show booth

2011 The new “Media and Print” production facility opens under the leadership of director Maria Stöckelmaier

2013 New markets, a new trade show in Lyon, France

2015 Corporate campus renovation

2015 Son Victor Stöckelmaier, a specialist in media technology and printing, joins the company.

2016 The success story continues.

2017 New logo presented at the Trendset trade show in Munich.

2017 Reed Messe Salzburg GmbH honors the company for its 40 years of participation in the Creativ trade show.

2017 Celebrating 5 years of participation with our new booth at the Hexagon trade show in Lyon, France.

2018 Efficient use of production capacities with no need for additional space.

2019 Production equipment expanded (Media & Print department)

2020 Introduction of partially automated work stations for work done by hand

2021 Renovations make daily work more comfortable and convenient

Our trade show booth!!
Celebrating 5 years of participation at the Hexagon trade show in Lyon, France